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Open the picture in another window if you can’t directly see which of the picture versions has been selected by bootScore (Theme), WordPress (server), your browser (client), and your screen.

On my desktop (2560 x 1440) in a browser window (1680 x 1050 or larger) it presents the image beebug-pxh-1055217-1280×720-1-300×169.png. The height of the Featured Image presented in this list depends on the width of the columns and hence the number of columns. With four columns, the blurring and distorting effect is not so eye-catching. But the fewer columns on the same width, the more blurred the result.

Possible instances are:

  • Original size: [ width = 1280 : height 720 ] manually uploaded: beebug-pxh-1055217-1280×720-1.png
  • Thumbnail size : [ width = 150 : height 150 ] automatically created by WP, cropping activated: beebug-pxh-1055217-1280×720-1-150×150.png
  • Medium size : [ width <= 300 : height <=300 ] automatically created by WP, no cropping, aspect ratio preserved: beebug-pxh-1055217-1280×720-1-300×169.png
  • Large size : [ width <= 1024 : height <=1024 ] automatically created by WP,no cropping, aspect ratio preserved: beebug-pxh-1055217-1280×720-1-768×432.png

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